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New Year’s Eve Dinner 2023-24



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Year’s Eve dinner is an event for us, which we organize with a fixed menu, the fish menu, with shellfish and seafood, with champagne throughout the meal requires arrival at 8.30 pm, for start at 9.00 pm, dessert will be served by 11.30 pm to give those who want to go elsewhere (to Piazza Duomo or private parties etc.) to celebrate midnight the opportunity to do so; after 11.30 pm we will serve buccellato and sweets, and more Champagne, to wait for midnight, guests usually stay until 1.30 am but it is not a rule, just information.

Everyone has their own table well distanced from the others, the clientele is international and the atmosphere is usually cheerful and elegant.



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Tra meravigliose volte catalane, la cucina guidata da Giovanni Guarneri.

Aperto: 12:30–14:30, 20–22:30
Chiuso: domenica e festivi